Praying the Scriptures . . .

Praying the Scriptures for Your Adult Children: Trusting God with the Ones You Love

By Jodie Berndt, forward by Jim Daly
Published by Zondervan

This book is not only for praying parents and grandparents, but it is for anyone who at any time has loved someone and is compelled to pray for them. By weaving real stories of trials with scripture, prayer principles and examples of prayers at the end of each chapter, Berndt teaches and encourages with a sensitivity and wisdom born of her own struggles with her children.

Tenderly sharing concern, fear, and heartaches from friends, strangers, and her own life, she is faithful to lead the reader to powerful scriptures to pray for adult children, or grandchildren, often turning the victory of prayer not at the outcome, but at the gained deeper relationship with God with the one who is being prayed for, and the person doing the praying.

In some 20 chapters, she deals with prayer for relationships, milestones, safety, health, and temptations

She recognizes the difference in society now as when her children were younger, and the many things that used to be easy to steer away from, in today’s world are considered acceptable, even expected, and how to avoid being judging, but offering the love that God offers, and trusting Him to make it all work, in His timing, according to His plan. Not always an easy task for a parent, and she faithfully reveals many times the parent has had to change and grow as well as the child.


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