The Master’s Mind

The Master’s Mind: The Art of Reshaping Your Thoughts

By Lance Hahn, Published by W Publishing Group, an imprint of Thomas Nelson


We all have thoughts. Thoughts that we follow through with. And sometimes that’s where the troubles start when our thoughts are not submitted to God. In this book, Hahn walks us through how to recognize that we need to strengthen our minds to rise above the noise and chaos of the world’s influence. Shows us how false identity can be found in our thoughts, and how and why we believe who we are. Puts the light on the fact that Satan is a liar, steals our identity, and works his way into our minds to keep us from taking our thoughts captive unto Christ.

Through scripture and case studies, he takes us on a journey that will lead us to be aligned with the will of God. He shows us we don’t have to be victims of our temptations and insecurities, but can have victory. It is a very practical look at reality and moves us deeper into spiritual maturity.

It sometimes blunt honesty, he presents the difficulties that can come with the total resistance of the enemy’s influence as we work toward the takeover of our own thinking as unto God.

As we are shown how to look at temptations, imaginations, rebellion and other battles that go on inside of us, we are instructed in ways to work toward the peace of being in God’s will.

Through it all, we are assured we are not alone. That God is right there with us. That even as we are working, it is God in us that is leading to victory.

This isn’t a quick read. You read a little, stop to mull over it, talk with God for a while, and then continue reading. Seeing the truth about ourselves is never easy, but it brings freedom from what could be our greatest battle.



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