Get Out of That Pit

Get Out of That Pit, by Beth Moore, published by Thomas Nelson

Something in your life just isn’t right. You go on, living your life as usual and believe that no one sees. But deep inside you know that your past pain, past decisions, past affronts are holding tightly to that part of you that has a hard time trusting anyone,  even God.

Moore knows because she has lived it. God has delivered her not from just one pit, but many, and in this book, she shares some of the things that led her, and others, to the pit.

Using Psalm 40:1-3 she walks the reader through clear examples of what dwelling in a pit is all about. And she walks the reader right out of the pit.

This book was first published over 10 years ago, and the impact is as great now as it was then. As she focuses first on how someone ends up in the pit, she explains that some are thrown in, some slip in, and some jump right in.

Through it all, she gives examples from her own life and case studies of other people who have been in a pit that kept them from fully living the life God has for them. But she doesn’t just leave the reader at “why” she offers three steps to get out of the pit you might find yourself in.

She is also careful to help readers understand that once you’re out of the pit, it doesn’t mean you won’t go back in. With God’s deliverance, there is also our part in making sure we do all we know to do to ensure that our futures are without pits.

Written with her characteristic sense of humor, you also feel the depth of the pain she has experienced as she teaches the promises in Psalm 40 for deliverance out of the pit, for standing on a rock, and for having a heart full of a new song of praise to God. All so others can see what God has done and so that they can trust the Lord.

In ten chapters, she offers story after story of deliverance. But she doesn’t stop there. She then gives the readers a week of daily prayers to help them get out of their own pit. Following the prayers, she offers a Discovery Guide for each chapter, with study questions and personal applications which would be good for personal or group study.

This is a solid teaching on God’s power to deliver, and the hope the author lives with, the hope she yearns for others to have. It is well worth the read.





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